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pk10开户Open type core pulling rivets
Closed type rivets
Lantern type rivets
Double drum type rivets
Garland type rivets
pk10开户Large cap type rivets
Cup-type rivets
Baking varnish rivets
Hippocampal rivets
Stainless steel rivets
Countersunk head rivets
pk10开户Big hat pull nails
Drawing rivet
Full iron rivet
Drilling Screws
pk10开户Pneumatic riveters
Single drum type pulling rivets
pk10开户Round type core pulling rivets
Rivet Nut
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Dongguan Kaosite Hardware Product Co.,LTD

Contact:Wu Mr.
T E L:86-0769-83016418
F A X:86-0769-83016438
Postal code:523788
pk10开户 Address:Dongguan Dalang Xiniupo Third Street Lane on the 6th


  Products recommended

Koubei type pull nails
Seahorse puller bolt
Big hat block puller bolt
Garland puller bolt
Enclosed puller bolt
Lanterns pull nails
pk10开户half stainless steel round head series
Drlling screw
Full iron double drum pull nails
SS full iron round head self-plugging rivets
pulls the hat
As aluminum sinks the puller bolt series 4.8
Aperture puller bolt
Lantern rivet
Baking varnish puller bolt

  About us
        Our company in 2005 establishes, specialized in production and sells each kind of specification model, each kind of material quality to pull the rivet (puller bolt), to pull the hat (cap nut), has the aluminum to open the mouth/the steel to open the mouth/the entire aluminum to open the mouth/the stainless steel and iron to open the mouth/the enclosed type (waterproofing)/the gangu. The double drum/blossoms/the seahorse happy gram/and so on each kind of riveted joint tight series. Tests the department special products quality assurance, the great variety of goods, has the large-scale production line and manufacturing capacity, the application and the project support service. Welcome the new old customer to come the electricity order and the consultation .……

Main business product or service: Pulls the rivet; Lantern rivet; Enclosed puller bolt; Waterproof enclosed type puller bolt; Big hat round puller bolt; Baking varnish puller bolt; Constitutive rivet; Aluminum rivet; Aluminum double drum rivet; Half stainless steel rivet; Entire stainless steel rivet; Entire hard rivet; Hard double drum puller bolt; The mouth cup blossoms the puller bolt; Wiredrawing rivet; Drills the tail screw…. ....
TEL:0769-83016418  FAX:0769-83016438  Address:Dongguan Dalang Xiniupo Third Street Lane on the 6th
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